Residencies in digital creation

The Fondation d’entreprise Martell has completed the cycle of digital residences set up with the Pôle image Magelis and the Cnam-Enjmin school. In all, 8 virtual reality and immersive projects selected following a call forapplications have been developed.

The eleven winners benefited from a residency in two stages. The first part focused on writing with the advice of a mentor. Gilles Alvarez, artistic director of Némo, the digital arts biennial of the Île-de-France region (produced by Cent Quatre-Paris) supported the “spring promotion” whereas Stéphane Malagnac, programming consultant and one of the creators of PiXii festival guided the “autumn promotion”. During this phase, the groups worked on the narration, tweaked the storytellings, consolidated the scripts and reinforced the dramaturgical springs.

The second part focused on prototyping with the support of experts for the technical aspects such as Dominique Lyoen (Novo 3D), Emmanuel Linot (SolidAnim), Vincent Percevault (G4F), Vincent Guttmann (Small Studio).


Spring 2022

  • Jérôme Blanquet and Bertrand Jeandel for Confident, a dystopian fiction in the form of an investigation.
  • Pauline Kimmel-Gomy et Urszula Gleisner for Let the butterfly go, a tale of wisdom in virtual reality as  journey leading to women’s feelings after an abortion.
  • Arnaud Desjardins for Little Nemo, an adaptation of the comic, Little Nemo in Slumberland and its fabulous imaginary through the dreams of its young protagonist.
  • Claire Allante and Joséphine Derobe for Moi Fauve, an interactive and participatory VR installation around metamorphosis, an animist tale inspired by Nastassja Martin’s “believing in wild animals”.


Autumn 2022

  • Julie Desmet-Weaver and Claire Allante for Entrez dans la danse, a unique experience inspired by a sadly famous incident: the Dancing Plague epidemic of 1518.
  • Maxence Voiseux for Gabin & Fanny, the story of a teenager, the son of a butcher and a farmer who takes refuge in the video game “Farming Simulator” to forget his worries, until the day he meets Fanny, a young vegan.
  • Etienne Baron for Nam Shub,a mixed reality experience that allows you to enter the intimate memory of your second-hand objects, ingreveal the treasures hidden in your attics and drawers.
  • Laura Colmenares-Guerra for Reverse, a virtual reality (VR) experience that highlights existing tensions where human, cultural and environmental aspects collide with power, economics and multinational interests in a context of climatic tension.