About a Worker(Kim Hou & Paul Boulenger)

2020.09.13 - 2020.09.22

In the “atelier pluriel”, Kim Hou and Paul Boulenger, designers from About a Worker invited some of the employees of Maison Martell to rethink their uniforms so that they could be better suited to their professional practices.

These uniforms are the witnesses of a collective thought, focused on the functionality of clothes and of a unique savoir-faire linked to the Maison.


©About a Worker

Kim Hou & Paul Boulenger
Kim Hou and Paul Boulenger met in 2011 during an academic exchange in London. Although they studied in different programs (Kim in design and Paul in Business), they became really good friends by sharing the same passion for Design.

In 2013, they went to Brussels and decided to go thrift shopping. Paul then found a French Blue worker jacket, nicely tailored and dating back from 1910. Kim convinced him to buy it, persuaded it will become the essential to have in the years to come. Little did they know that 3 years later, they would create the first About a Worker collection, based on the French blue collar uniform.