Amandine Langlois
Sylvie Bétard

23.02.2022 | 6.30pm


Hosted by Amandine Langlois and Sylvie Bétard


Le programme CARE

Its aim ? To take care of ourselves, to take care of the others and to take care of the planet.
How ? Through various cultural events variés that raise questions and/or offer solutions.



Circular economy and upcycling are the subject of the next conference and to talk about it, the fondation will receive Sylvie Betard, co-founder of the Les Augures collective, which supports the cultural sector in its ecological transition and Amandine Langlois, co-founder of Premices and co, an agency specialized in circular economy. These two speakers are no strangers to the Fondation.

Indeed, Les Augures accompanies the Fondation d’entreprise Martell in its reflection on the environmental impacts linked to the production of its next exhibition in order to identify and evaluate them and to give itself the means to evolve. This involves anticipating and optimizing resource management, reducing waste, thinking about the aftermath and the reuse of materials, but also seeking to raise awareness and mobilize an ecosystem of partners. In short, it is an eco-design approach to artistic productions and exhibitions with a desire for continuous improvement.

As for Premices & Co, it is a design and interior architecture agency, specialized in circular economy, which favors responsible design based on the enhancement of existing elements. They are the ones who realized the layout and identity of the Indigo by Martell bar, on the rooftop of the Foundation.

Our two speakers mix artistic creation and environment. Both passionate, they share the same philosophy. For them, waste or scrap can become resources provided they are given a second life. Through their structures, they experiment with new solutions. They seek the potential residing in materials in order to increase their value and invent new uses for them. They also know that the invention of a more sustainable world requires solidarity and the exchange of skills.
Moreover, they continue to develop.

Beyond their collaborations with the Foundation and their numerous projects, Sylvie and Amandine will discuss with the public the major ecological trends and the changes in mentality in the face of current changes.