Céline Thibault, Jean-Charles Miot and Laëtitia Andrighetto

19.04.21 - 08.05.21

Celine Thibault, textile designer, created the verandah of the exhibition “Places to Be” (in the fondation from 20.06.20 to  02.01.22) in collaboration with Geraud Pellotiero, worked in the glass workshop on the ornamental motif of textile heritage. In sand or wax moulds with foliage motifs, glassmakers Laetitia Andrighetto and Jean-Charles Miot poured glass to create ornamental surfaces which were then ennobled with different techniques.


Céline Thibault

Céline Thibault is a textile designer who graduated from Ensci-Les Ateliers in 2013.

After working for two years in a textile printing workshop, she specialized in surface finishing. She has been freelance since 2016 and works with interior architects and decorators.

She is animated by the work of textures, colored harmonies. She thrives fully in “doing together” to create surprising and elegant materials. What matters for her are the harmonies, finding the right details and matches as well as the best technical qualities to meet the demands of her customers as accurately as possible. She regularly travels to Japan to confront the demands of Japanese know-how. Especially that of gold leaf printing.


Jean-Charles Miot et Laëtitia Andrighetto

Jean-Charles Miot, glassblower, was born in Le Mans in 1988. After training at Cerfav in Vannes-le-Chatel, where he met Laetitia Andrighetto; the couple participated in their first joint exhibition at the Strasbourg Glass Biennale. In 2012, they set up their own studio in Mont-de-Marsan before joining the Fondation d’entreprise Martell in 2017. Jean-Charles set up the glass blowing studio there, where he collaborates and supports artists with Laëtitia.