Chloé Petitjean Légerot & Jean-Charles Miot

11.10.2021 - 05.11.2021

To attend the presentation of the project

Chloé’s work as a visual artist, is at the crossroads of art and design. It questions space and the way we experience it, everyday objects and their uses. She translates this subject, transversally, through different mediums: objects, installations, performances, musical theater, etc. She has mainly worked in the Faubourg 132 collective, where, since 2013 she has been questioning and experimenting production techniques, and interactions within one’s environment or space. Her creations are often participatory and / or activated by the public.

Driven by the desire to build links through her creations, she has also started for a few years a large prospective and creative work around the table, symbol of conviviality, which concentrates rituals, rules of savoir-vivre, and habits which are fields she often explores in her work.

This theme was also the subject of her project at the Foundation where Chloé worked around culinary heritage, inspired by gyotaku: an ancestral Japanese art which consists in reproducing fish prints on different media such as paper or tissue.
She applied this technique to glass by taking the imprint of raw or processed food and used it as a support or mold for blowing, for example.
The relations between the container and the content guided this research.
This experimental method allowed her to approach different glass techniques in order to compose an actual petrified banquet.

Artist and designer, Chloé Petitjean works with different mediums, most often through collaborations. She graduated from ESAD in Valenciennes and completed her training through various apprenticeships such as ceramics or molding. Since 2013, she has worked mainly within the Faubourg 132 collective in the Lille region, then in New Aquitaine, where she recently settled.