Cléo T & Anja Madsen-Pernot

06.09.2021 - 08.10.2021

A meeting around nature and the forest. At the origin of the project, a “leporello”, also called an accordion book, imagined within the framework Cleo T’s latest musical album. A paper book cut according to the Japanese kirigami technique, by the plastic artist Anja, who through her handmade paper creations expresses her emotions and fascination with the rhythm, balance and harmony revealed by nature.
Cleo T also takes us into nature, to the heart of her musical imagination; we enter a dreamlike and intimate universe populated by trees, birds and the forest. Anja sculpts and cuts while Cléo improvises a sound and poetic music, in a four-handed writing.
This collaboration gave life to a book of augmented poetry entitled “Forests and Dreams”, populated by soundscapes and sounds of living amplified by a piano, a theremin and tape echoes. The work is an installation in its own right, an element of scenography that is transformed into a shadow theater, magic lantern and animated sets.


Cléo T
French artist working between Paris, Berlin, and Florence, Clémence Léauté works under stage name of Cleo T. Trained as an actress, she graduated in Modern Literature and Art History, while developing a self-taught approach of piano and singing.
She collaborated with several bands and played in various contemporary theater companies before starting her solo carreer.
As Cleo T. she released 2records and performed about 200 shows including major events as The Great Escape, SXSW or Solidays. Her work always includes references to literature, poetry and visual arts. Cleo T.’s theatrical performances conceived as sound and visual rêveries have taken her to international stages.
Exploring a trans-disciplinary approach of creation, she is now working on global projects,connecting music and poetry, visual arts and scenography. She actively puts on cooperation projects with international artists, filmmakers, poets or digital artists.
After living in Berlin for a few years, she is now based in the French Southwest countryside where she set up a creative space and a production company – Moonflowers – working on mixed-media solo and collaborative projects Independent artist and woman, she is part of the Creative Europe program Keychange working toward gender equity in the music industry. Her 3<sup>rd</sup> album will be released this year.

Anja Masen-Pernot
Anja is a Danish artist trained at the “Danish Desig School” and “The University of Art and Design”, Helsinki (Finland). Her work is the result of emotional experiences that come from an intense and poetic relationship that she has always established with nature.
Anja Madsen Pernot’s work, of great finesse is made from fragile materials; recycled or silk paper, from Japan or India, which has been her material of choice for several years and with which she has performed miracles.