From May, 2nd 2019

Dreaming the real blue

Mario d'Souza

The Foundation carries on with its conquest of the building with Dreaming the real blue, in situ fresco by Indian artist Mario d’Souza, located on the Gâtebourse roof-top, on the wall facing the elevators.

The artist has designed this generous and bright artwork as a gesture of openness for visitors coming to discover the panoramic terrace, this out-of-time space suspended over the city. The fresco’s dominant colors echo to the indigo’s story, used as a pigment over several continents: when the fabrics are out of dye baths, their color is yellow and they only become purplish blue when they are exposed to the air. Organic shapes remind the natural world (vegetable pods, river delta, …) as well as some kids games (hopscotch, labyrinth, elastic, …), making the link between the human and his/her environment. They allow the joyful and bright contamination of the space.

Born in 1973 in Bangalore (India), Mario d’Souza lives and works in Paris.
«I wish the visitor, discovering my job, could find a new sense for his or her daily life. […] My work is only complete thanks to the visitor’s intervention.» Mario d’Souza’s artistic universe is well described through these few words. In a very contemporary formal language (a patterns and colors dialogue which seems antagonistic), his works deal with the past, by offering the spectator to dive into his or her own memories.