29.01.2020 | 6:30 P.M.


CARE [Talk]


The CARE program

Its goal ? Take care of ourselves, take care of others and take care of the planet. How? Through various cultural events that raise questions and / or offer solutions.

Vincent Cois and Maxime Rambeau, will introduce themselves and explain their ecological and civic initiatives (waste collection, ecological walks…) before a cocktail that will close the evening.

Free event upon registration followed by a cocktail

Capacity: 50

For January 2020, the CARE program highlights to young Charentais, Maxime Rambeau and Vincent Cois who founded a few months ago : Eco’gnac!

In order to preserve a beautiful and healthy nature and to upgrade the quality of life of Cognac’s inhabitants, these two friends initiated several waste collections around the banks of Charente. This action paid off as they managed to bring together more than 80 people during their first cleaning action! Since then, citizen operations have multiplied and the duo is organizing more and more actions such as “green walks” taking place every month … To be continued!