2017, 27th - March 2019, 12th


L'Oseraie de l'Île

These osier works of art mix an ancestral know-how and contemporary design, they remind of the wooden armor of the dame-jeannes (the glass recipients for cognac to be preserved decades long) as much as of light architecture from the other side of the world, they take suprising shapes …
Presented under the Pavilion since autumn, basketmakers Karen Gossart and Corentin Laval created a monumental in situ work, between traditional savoir-faire and contemporary design.
At spring 2018, a large-scale made-to-measure commission for the Pavilion completed this previous installation.
Its title, Epiphyte, is a scientific word to qualify the living being that grow up fixed to another one, without parasitising it. This is precisely what this infinite shape seems to do, weaved to the Pavilion’s structure.
Besides, the Foundation offered a basketmaking workshop, lead by by the artists themselves, at the beginning of June 2018.

After studying at art school in Cergy, Karen Gossart found the proper techniques and material to satisfy her creative desires in doing basketwork. She was taught the basketry skills at the Ecole Nationale d’Osiériculture et de Vannerie in Fayl-Billot.
Corentin Laval began basketworking alongside a craftsman from the Périgord who wanted to share his so-called “bouyricou” skill (the local osier backet). He then went on working with osier toward contemporary creation.
L’Oseraie de l’île took part in the last Revelations fair, biennale internationale des métiers d’art et de création contemporaine (international biennale for crafts and contemporary creation) and occasionally word for Alexandre Gauthier, head of la Grenouillère (Montreuil-sur-Mer).