2019.09.13 - 6.30pmFoundation's welcoming hall

India - Cognac - India 

Mario d'Souza drawings' auction sale

Press release - Upcoming at the Foundation (FR)

The Fondation d’entreprise Martell organizes its first auction sale. Its purpose aims to finance a great project initiated by Indian artist Mario d’Souza.

Mario D’Souza’s drawings focus on the essential. On smooth and colored backgrounds, the artist draws recurrent patterns, belonging to the same iconography : the one about the body, organic or mineral. The meaning of those patterns is multiple and becomes a game when the eye wanders from one picture to another. Here, a suspended rock goes against gravity law. There, an ink drop evokes blood or tears, vectors of emotion. Further away, an ear or a bird let imagine a larger symbolism, from pleasure to memories, from natural elements to human actions.

Softness, emotion, desire are the parameters crossing this artist’s work.

Remind everybody his or her imaginary world, using private or shared memories, so as to transmit a resolutely optimistic philosophy of life.

Thanks to the raised funds, Mario d’Souza will start in December 2019 two artists residencies in India : La Petite Maison (Auroville, Tamil Nadu), to work with the ceramicist Iris Pouy and the writer Salah-Dine Benykhlef and then in Delhi, thanks to the curator Anne Couillard. For three months, he will create artworks with craftsmen and artists (paper maker, carpenter, framer, weaver).

Afterwards, Mario d’Souza will explore the result of his artistic investigations in his hometown’s museums, Bangalore.


Mario d’Souza
Born in 1973 in Bangalore (India), Mario D’Souza lives and works in Paris. At the Fondation d’entreprise Martell, he exhibits Melting Rocks, a set of drawings realized for the Château de Oiron in 2018. A permanent mural fresco entitled Dreaming the real blue is visible on the panoramic terrace.


The auction sale will be preceded with a guided tour led by Mario d’Souza about Melting Rocks and Dreaming the real blue and followed with a cocktail.