19.02.2020 | 6:30 P.M.

Jean Crousillac

CARE [Screening+Talk]


The CARE program

Its goal ? Take care of ourselves, take care of others and take care of the planet. How? Through various cultural events that raise questions and / or offer solutions.

Free event upon registration, screening (20 min) an meeting (45min) followed by a cocktail

Capacity: 50 people

French director and producer, Jean Crousillac will present his documentary entitled “Le Combat des Enfants Fantômes”, denouncing the fact that millions of children in the world do not exist because they do not have birth certificates, in particular in Benin . Unregistered in the civil registry and therefore unknown to the administration of their country, these “ghost children” are deprived of their fundamental rights: health, justice, education. Jean Crousillac will present to us the strong actions taken to remedy this, in terms of equipment, recruitment, training and awareness-raising on the themes addressed in his film: childhood, poverty, human rights, decentralization and international cooperation.

For more information about Jean Crousillac’s project (documentary teaser, synopsis, technical sheet, budget…), do not hesitate to consult the following site www.ghostchildren.org !