June 2018, 7th

La Nuit des Rêves

Sébastien Laurier

Actor Sébastien Laurier invites us to cherish our dreams by spending the night below the stars under the Pavillon.
Accompanied by musicians, a neurologist, a shaman and an instructor in dreams, he questions: do we know how to dream, either alone or together ?
The event asks the public to question the notions of the collective unconscious and intimacy. Readings, music and dream workshops will be interspersed throughout the night in the luminous and mysterious atmosphere of the Pavillon. The participants will sleep under the Pavillon Martell de SelgasCano to discover how dreams—mirrors
of our invisible interior landscapes—can help us see reality, and each other, ifferently. The following morning, the participants will discuss their experiences over breakfast.

In partnership with the Festival Chahuts, Bordeaux and the Amicale de la base aérienne de Cognac-Châteaubernard