Maloles Antignac & Caroline Guilbert

2020.10.05 - 2020.10.16


Maloles Antignac, sculptor artist, Caroline Guilbert, florist artisan, worked together to create a suspended installation in the mobile form with ceramic sculptures, glass pieces, textiles and plants. This reinterpretation of a family tree is questioning our disconnection with the nature and with Earth in general, as well as a contemplation more detailed on the similarities and differences between humans and animals.



Maloles Antignac
Maloles Antignac-Miracosta, lives and works between Paris and Madrid.
In her work, the artist queries, without taboos, the feminine in its wild beauty and questions the energy of the world. The female body, considered the first human environment, is at the heart of her exploration.

Caroline Guilbert
After graduating from the Ecole des Fleuristes de Paris, Caroline Guilbert participated in the development of numerous projects for prestigious Parisian houses (Van Cleef & Arpels, Louis Vuitton, etc.).
Having become a florist artisan, she concentrates her work around combinations of materials, she dares to shift, by creating embroidered canvases decorated with flowers.