An ENSA-Limoges co-production

Marion Chambinaud & Marjolaine Turpin

CERAMICS & GLASS WORKSHOP31.01.2022 - 25.02.2022


Marion and Marjolaine share the same fascination for organic, mineral and vegetal materials as well as for the properties of the latter and the secrets or limits that they reveal.

Their research project focuses on a closed ecosystem, the organic and the notion of capture. Their reflections concern this closed ecosystem where they examine the exchanges between materials or between materials and organisms and equilibriums in the air that can be observed in a hermetic space.

They experiment with metal oxides or ashes, including lavender ash or bone ash, which they place in glass and porcelain cooking chambers. While cooking, these elements cause the materials to react, through plays of colors and smoke.

Thus, porcelain and glass enter into a dialogue, giving rise to installations imbued with tensions and invisible movements within familiar materials that are theoretically inert.


Artist and ceramist

A graduate of the École supérieure d’art des Pyrénées – Pau Tarbes in 2017, Marion gives a significant place to ceramics in her work by empirically exploiting the physical characteristics of this medium. In addition to her studies at the art school of Pau-Tarbes, she participated in the research laboratory « Ceramics as an experience » at the ENSA in Limoges.

Visual Artist

Graduated from the Clermont Métropole School of Art (ESACM) in 2015, Marjolaine continues her work over a long period of time. Her research revolves around questions related to the vegetal world, the observation of nature, and the relationship to gesture.