Mo Laudi & Zhuo Qi

2020.08.17 - 2020.08.29

Mo Laudi collaborates often with artists from the different fields with the intention of exploring the possibilities of multidisciplinary creations.

In the work of Zhuo Qi, porcelain is both the medium and the object of an experimental “cuisine” characterized by the creation of objects involving foreign bodies immerged in incongruous, enigmatic, sometimes hostile, but always amusing environments.

我爱黑人,I love Black People by Zhuo Qi and Mo Laudi. A 12-piece ceramic dinner set painted with images relating black history, art, and anti-racist slogans. 
This  new work questions post-colonial relationships  and the continuing existence of racism. It takes the form of fictive propaganda dinner set in an Afro-futurist style.


© Mo Laudi

Mo Laudi
Multi-disciplinary artist, composer and producer, Mo Laudi’s work questions race, mobility, erasure, post-colonial ideologies. It connects with spirituality, African knowledge systems, Afro-Futurism to form new ways to understand the multiplicities of cultures. Recent experimentations have led him to develop a new visual language in paintings, collages, videos and ceramics.

© Zhuo Qi

Zhuo Qi
Zhuo Qi is born in Fuxin (China) in 1985. Currently lives and works in France, he fuels his artistic practice with the daily experience of the semantic and linguistic miracles generated by cultural gap and its long history of misunderstandings. Through humor and ceramics, he confronts traditions and know-how.