PRODUCTION SPONSORSHIPFondation d'entreprise Martell X Le Nouveau PrintempsRESIDENCY from 24/04/2023 to 24/05/2023Hélène BERTIN

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Hélène Bertin will present her projet “Danseuses-Coquelicots” Wednesday, May 24th 2023 at 6.30 p.m., Ateliers du Faire.
Free entrance, upon reservation.

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Poppy dancers

“Transmitted through the gestures of her mother, the poppy dancers are assembled every spring.
Take the stamen of a faded poppy and a closed bud, open the calyx, deflower the petals, and then assemble the dress and head.
This form is made in six unique casts in glass paste by Laëtitia Andrighetto and Jean-Charles Miot in Cognac.
Each dancer is monochrome and bathed in a different temperature of light. Suspended above a dance floor, they emit a faint glow, like fireflies illuminating dancers.
The Poppy Dancers are part of the project:
Dança dança abelha I Dance dance bee
Lo bordon t’acompanha I The bumblebee accompanies you
Que sias tos passes de fèsta I Be your festive steps
Qu’èi gravat la rusca de gai I I’ve engraved the bark with joy

The title of this work is an incantatory formula. As is often the case in Hélène Bertin’s work, it is designed to allow for growth through the involvement of visitors and the encounters it provokes. The artwork is displayed for bouncing off. This honeycomb sculpture is made by André Mercoiret, the inventor of honeycomb flooring. Drawings by Bettina Henni, revealing the tool of body connection, are engraved on the surface. Dança dança abelhas / Lo bordon t’acompanha / Siás tos passes de fèsta / Ai gravat la rusca de jòia is crowned by light suspensions that, like fireflies, illuminate those who dance with it.”

It will be presented in “Le Nouveau Printemps” in Toulouse, from June 2nd to June 24th, 2023 before traveling to other venues.

Hélène Bertin, born in 1989 in Le Luberon, lives and works in Curcuron.

“Hélène Bertin sees art as a gathering, and her works are focused on both social value and utilitarian value. Straddling customs and techniques, she seizes the opportunity of artistic projects to implement human relationships. Each of her exhibitions or books is a place of teamwork in which skills and narratives interweave. Focusing on clay, her sculptures emerge from experiences related to her research work on games, rituals, and marginal figures,”
Guillaume Mansart.