since June 2018, 28th

Shine a Light

Nathalie Talec

First production of a program of furniture commissions by artists, designers and artisans, this luminous and phantasmagoric work greets the Fondation’s visitors. Shine a Light is a luminous monumental sculpture.

It is inspired by antique vases: at once functional, ornamental and composite. Zoomorphic, the vases are constituted of a cylindrical base and an extremity shaped like an animal or human head, real or fantastical, ornamenting the ceiling light. These precious objects reflect the tastes of these dignitaries of antiques, namely the splendid and luxurious tableware that is both utilitarian and decorative. The luminous sculpture is composed of an accumulation of forms and figures, using at once ceramics (presented in the artist’s work for years) and glass.
The use of ceramics and this décor, the mix of naif and fanciful figurative motifs, enriches the practice of artist Nathalie Talec. Here they illuminate and enhance the entrance of the Foundation.

Born in 1960 in Paris, Nathalie Talec lives and works in Paris and Beaune.
Teacher at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, she is as much a performer and a plastician as a traveler.
The hybridity and the fiction story here in Shine a Light are some regular processes of her work, also characterized by the themes of cold (white) and selfportrait.
CRAFT Limoges : porcelain
Magnalucis (Morgan Benoit) : lightning
Andrighetto & Miot : glass
Atelier Gamil (Stéphane Pelletier) : glass
Jean-Pierre Gimbres : sheet metalwork