The Ateliers du Faire

Located on the first floor of the Fondation, the Ateliers du faire are multidisciplinary production workshops dedicated to experimentation with materials across different expert practices. The equipment allows a wide range of interventions on glass, ceramics and wood. There is also a multi purpose workshop that enables to work with paper and fabrics as well as  on “immaterial” creations (danse, music, writing, etc)

Local and international artisans are matched up with emerging or celebrated creators  (artists, designers, musicians, writers,…) for crossover artistic residencies.

Organized events allow the public to meet these artists through workshops or dedicated conferences.


The Fondation hosted its first crossed residencies in summer 2020. Residents are selected on the basis of their artistic project. They are supported by the Fondation’s team and benefit from fully equipped production workshops, material as well as accomodation.