The project


Created in 2016, the Fondation d’entreprise Martell initially had a multidisciplinary vocation.

Acknowledging the urgent challenges of the ecological transition, and convinced of the transformative power of art and design in society, Fondation d’entreprise Martell evolves in 2022 to become a professional platform for research and experimentation as well as a public venue for raising awareness and educating people about living things.

The program of Fondation d’entreprise Martell seeks to explore the connections between art, the environment and society, and propose sustainable solutions to the challenges associated with the climate transition.

Located in the heart of Cognac in New Aquitaine and built in 1929, the Fondation building, a 6,000 sqm tower, in the Bauhaus style, was originally an industrial production site belonging to the House of Martell who gave it a cultural and social role on the occasion of its tercentenary in 2015.

The ground floor : themed exhibitions
The ground floor hosts, beyond the boutique of the Maison Martell, the lobby also used as a shop for the Fondation and a vast exhibition space of 885 sqm.
It hosts monographic or themed exhibitions aimed at raising awareness among the general public about ecological transition and issues. Through figures who marked their era by their work or methods, or through the lens of specific approaches between design, environment and society, there will eventually be 2 to 3 exhibitions per year.

The 1st floor : the Ateliers du faire
Production studios, where designers, artists, artisans, researchers and collectives in residence work together or separately, are open to the public occasionally on a set of almost 1.200 sqm. Wood-working, ceramics, glass art, paper or fabric making  give back to the building its productive capacity, despite the end of its industrial life.

The 2nd floor : the Fablab
This floor will house the extension of the Ateliers du faire  and will also host a resource center, a material library and an upcycling station.

The 3rd floor
This space of conviviality and reception will be set up to be able to welcome events with caterer and animations. Its terraces will be open to the public.

The 4th floor
On this floor, the offices are designed as open and welcoming workspaces.

The panoramic rooftop
The rooftop offers, since mid-July 2018, a panoramic tasting area open all season long and managed by the Maison Martell, whose furniture and layout are the result of artistic commissions to local craftspeople.