The project


An ambitious programme of improvements in the interior of the building, initiated by Martell, are going on. The ground floor and rooftop terrace reopening to the public occured in summer 2018, followed by a gradual opening of the other floors as the work is completed. The entire 6,000 sqm of the Fondation d’entreprise Martell will be accessible in 2020/2021.

The volumes of the building are thought as a pile of creative sets that complement and communicate with each other.

  • The ground floor : the immersive installations

The ground floor hosts, beyond the boutique of the Maison Martell, the lobby also used as a shop for the Foundation and a vast exhibition space of 885 sqm. Dedicated to immersive and monographic installations, it is reinvented every year by invited artists.

  • The 1st floor : the Ateliers du faire

Production studios, where artists and artisans in residence will work together or separately, will be open to the public occasionally. Wood-working, ceramics, glass art , paper or fabric making will give back the building its productive capacity, despite the end of its industrial life.

  • The 2nd floor : the Univers des savoirs

The digital universe, consisting of digital and multisensory boxes surrounded by consultation capsules commissioned to creators, will encourage the sharing of experiences.

  • The 3rd floor

This space of conviviality and reception will be set up to be able to welcome events with caterer and animations. Its terraces will be open to the public.

  • The 4th floor

At this floor, the offices will be designed as open and welcoming workspaces, especially for schoolchildren.

  • The panoramic rooftop

The rooftop offers, since mid-July 2018, a panoramic tasting area open all season long and managed by the Maison Martell, whose furniture and layout are the result of artistic commissions to local craftspeople.