September, 27th 2018 - May, 31st 2019

Melting Rocks

Mario D'Souza

Melting Rocks, exhibition of the Indian artist Mario d’Souza, flood the entiere Fondation lobby, according to various rythms. This hanging responds to the Dreaming the real blue installation, located on the roof-top of the building.

Mario d’Souza’s drawings focus on the essential. On smooth and colored backgrounds, the artist draws recurrent patterns, belonging to the same iconography: the one about the body, organic or mineral. The meaning of those patterns is multiple and becomes a game when the eye wanders from one picture to another. Here, a suspended rock goes against gravity law. There, an ink drop evokes blood or tears, vectors of emotion. Further away, an ear or a bird let imagine a larger symbolism, from pleasure to memories, from natural elements to human actions.

That is precisely what the artist is looking for: remind everybody his or her imaginary world, using private or shared memories, so as to transmit a resolutely optimistic philosophy of life.

Born in 1973 in Bangalore (India), Mario d’Souza lives and works in Paris.
«I wish the visitor, discovering my job, could find a new sense for his or her daily life. […] My work is only complete thanks to the visitor’s intervention.» Mario d’Souza’s artistic universe is well described through these few words. In a very contemporary formal language (a patterns and colors dialogue which seems antagonistic), his works deal with the past, by offering the spectator to dive into his or her own memories.