since July, 13th 2018

Layout of the panoramic terrace

Prémisses and co, Chritisan Thierry Drevelle, Atelier W1110 and Christophe Bret

Atelier W110, 2018

Composed of varied geometric modules, Plateformes elegantly occupies its environment. The robust,natural oak that as used is usually meant to make barrels. This design is based on the idea of overlap, made of interstices and graphic frames, playing with our perception, sublimed by the chiaroscuro. Punctuated by technical details and storage spaces, Plateformes proposes a second ascension in the heart of the Foundation. Located on the 5th floor, the modules are rooted between sky and earth, rising while being firmly grounded: a metaphor for the geological characteristics of the local vineyard lands.
Graduates in fine crafts woodworking, Sarah Babaud and Martin Lecomte create in 2014 the Atelier W110, a business that creates, conceives and make unique objects in the fields of design, space and communication. The coexistance of the designoffice and the workshop allows to devise an engineering at the service of every project. The diversity of the materials used in the workshop and production visions also reflect the diversity of their collaborations.

Thibaud Klepper (1979, Perpignan) and Alfredo Da Silva (1979, Nantes), graduates from the École of Design Nantes Atlantique in 2005, have codesigned Plateformes with l’Atelier W110.

Christian Thierry Drevelle, 2018

All the ingredients for conviviality were gathered by Christian Thierry Drevelle to develop Tangram. Wishing to give his furniture a playful dimension, he conceived two modular sets, while preserving an aesthetical and functional line. Puzzles, and more specifically the Chinese tangram, constituted a first inspiration: a game of shapes and colors that evolves with the number of «players». Oak, a noble material is unavoidable in Cognac, and offers to this game a formal quality. The cushions, which borrows their colors from the graphic palette were conceived by Esope, a local waste recycling business favoring the employment of people with disabilities.

Christian Thierry Drevelle is an artist from Cognac, a curious and epicurian traveler. Stemming from 4 generations of Cognac craftsmen, from furnishing to decoration, he receives the title of Master Craftsman in 1983 then Master Arts Craftsman in 1996. After Ecole Boulle and today a member of Grands Ateliers de France, he creates his own woodworking workshop in 1979, that quickly became the Ateliers Drevelle to highlight the different sectors of his activity. Heritage, the production of contemporary pieces, design and more recently developing a signature series shape a set of skills and a diverse creative repertoire.

Christophe Bret, 2018

The project Fractale is the result of Christophe Bret’s experimentations of several years. Thanks to the invitation of Fondation Martell in 2018, he proceeds to a renaissance while researching an original furniture, almost experimental, to highlight and put to use the rooftop terrace. The tables are structured in spirals – as are naturally some trees’ trunks to increase their resistance to the wind – to combine resilience and lightness.
Each table is composed of 20 blades of massive oak. Each blade is individually bent using vapor, a wood-shaping technique as old as mankind.
Christophe Bret creates his woodworking workshop in 2013, between Bordeaux and Cognac, in a former farmhouse alongside the Gironde estuary. The everpresent nature is his main source of inspiration. Taught the traditional techniques in Ecole Boulle, he imagines and realises tailormade furniture and unique creations with contemporary lines. The wood bending and moulding techniques hold a paramount role in his work.

Identity & design
Prémices and co, 2018

The parisian interior architecture and space design studio Prémices and co conceived the identity of the Fondation Martell’s rooftop terrace by making the furniture imagined by the local craftsmen the starting point. They developped an array of patterns from the diversity of their shapes. The drawing of the logo is inspired from a 1930’s reminiscent aesthetic, the era when the tower was built as a former bottling factory. This rooftop’s identity and interior design are aiming to promote the crossovers of savoir-faire and create a place of conviviality amidst the Cognac landscape.

The company gathers designers Amandine Langlois, Camille Chardayre and Jérémie Triaire all graduates from École Boulle. Created in 2012 in Paris, housed in the Ateliers de Paris between 2013 and 2015 under the name of Collectif Prémices, it becomes Prémices and co in 2016. The company’s projects are varied: from the rehabilitation of private or public spaces, conceiving materials using recycling or repurposing, to public manufacturing workshops…
The company works with businesses, institutions, communities and private citizens. It also develops its own projects internally.