May, 24th & 25th 2019

Ma Bête Noire

Thomas Chaussebourg

A horse and a man in a cage. A gigantic aviary, an old leather couch in the arena. Dance, experiment what words cannot say: what bounds one to another, what even melts one into one another, without anyone ever dissolving. Dance what we miss, when it burns, when one becomes mad, dance how dangerous it is to love. A naked horse, free to move, freed from ardor – his alter ego, double, fantasy, obsession, black beast … that he tries to tame.

Thomas Chaussebourg began to rehearse a long-time project in 2010: to investigate the relationship between dancer and horse in a show. Ma bête noire (My black beast) results of a long dressage work, without any saddle or rein, of his War Zao horse – a Frisian black stallion dancing with him. The project takes place at the crossroad of Chaussebourg and Alain Bashung, whose texts and music plays deeply inspire the performance.

Parc du Château de Lignères, 9:00 PM
In partnership with La Palène, Rouillac art center

“In a gigantic aviary, he dances, fights, resists. He’s a tortured soul who endlessly loves. It’s neither a circus nor a horse-riding show. Just an uncommon performance with a dancer and an untrained mount, without any saddle or bit.” Télérama Sortir

“The man opens his eye, stands up straight for a couch ballet, goes and takes a wild animal, leans on its flanks, grasps it, runs after it, gets on it, challenges it …” La Stradda

Dance, choreography, directing: Thomas Chaussebourg
Horse: War Zao
Adviser: Fafiole Palassio
Music: extracts from L’imprudence by Alain Bashung