RESIDENCY03/01/2023 to 02/02/2023LARA TABET

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Lara Tabet will present the results of her research on Thursday, February 2nd 2023 at 6h30 pm, Ateliers du Faire.
Free entrance, upon reservation


Lara Tabet, medical biologist and visual artist, in residence at the glass workshop, will collaborate with glass artisans Jean-Charles Miot and Laëtitia Andrighetto to create several glass sculptures inspired by archaeological, biological and pharmaceutical history. Her practice, at the intersection between art, science and the environment, is rooted in research and experimentation.

Correspondent Species examines the migration corridors of endemic and invasive marine species driven by climate change. The project addresses species hybridization in the marine environment, its causes and consequences.

Events such as large-scale mortality phenomena, toxic blooms, the feminization of marine life due to endocrine disruptors and marine genetic resources constitute the raw material from which the artist draws to reflect on the ever-changing biochemical fabric of the sea and to weave a new bio-poetic cartography questioning the present and the past, human and non-human cohabitation and our ecological present as a window to the future.

Correspondent Species allows Lara to continue her research on aquatic ecologies and the quality of the biochemical habitat of water masses, living entities in constant evolution. For her, the ocean is a mass of chimerical water made up of communicating vessels whose chemical and biological composition is affected by the hydro-political forces of the continents that surround it.

Medical biologist and artist

Lara Tabet is a medical biologist and visual artist. His work at the intersection between art science and the environment is rooted in research and experimentation. More recently, her practice has shifted towards arts and sciences and her current research focuses on water as a site of political speculation as well as on DNA as a medium for archiving.