07.04.2022 - 06.11.2022

" La Fin est dans le commencement et cependant on continue "( The end is in the beginning and yet you go on )

Quote from Samuel Beckett


An exhibition where the spectator becomes an actor as he is immersed in the center of installations designed by the artists to excite his senses through a series of experiences inviting him to reconnect with his body.

With birth comes death, intrinsic to existing. This mortality, linked to our human condition, makes us vulnerable beings, sometimes strong and resilient, sometimes weak and fragile. However, between the beginning and the end, there is life, the body in motion, this body which functions in particular thanks to the five senses which connect us to the world.

The title of this exhibition is taken from the play Endgame (1957), written in French by Samuel Beckett. It questions the principles of classical plays by presenting a story without a narrative, characters without a past or future, and a bare room without any points of reference. Despite this emptiness shared by the protagonists, veering towards the absurd, their human condition alone is enough to create a moment of existence, where everything is possible.

This polysensory project approaches the human being as a perception tool and researcher of possibilities. Based on our natural perceptions represented by the five senses – sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste – the invited artists from various disciplines, reveal their perception of these senses by applying the rule not to limit themselves to a specific medium: they are light designer, visual artist, sound artist, textile designer, dancer, and botanist. Their experiments merge and complement each other in an organic continuum. Several inalienable dimensions of the body create the universal resonance of this narrative: movement and vulnerability, a means and an end, both represent the strengths and weaknesses of our bodily envelopes, our psyche, and our position in this world.

The scenography is made up of gigantic stainless-steel tanks repainted in colors, within which the senses unfold. Rituals and choreographic performances will occasionally be added to this collective work produced by nine artists:
Sight by Odile Soudant
Touch by Rachel Marks
Hearing by Reto Pulfer
Smell & Taste by Julie C. Fortier
Movement by Jeanne Vicerial & Julia Cima
Vulnerability by Marc Jeanson & Atelier Marietalexandre

Curator: Nathalie Viot


Ingéliance : robotic engineering
Groupe Chalvignac : stainless steel vats
Seigneurie Gauthier : paintings
Les jardins respectueux, Gourmandises et chocolat
and la Chèvre Rigolote
Association Cobble led by Victor Dérudet : delegated
production, design and manufacture of structures
Arthur Destriat : material handling and management
Barillet Menuiserie
Blomkal : wood cutting (Angoulême)
Stéphane Bottard : light and video creation
Laetitia Andrighetto & Jean-Charles Miot : glassblowers
Manon Clouzeau : ceramist
Guillaume Barbareau : 3D ceramic printer technician