Elise Rigot & Jean-Charles Miot & Guillaume Barbareau

05.07.2021 - 23.07.2021

As a researcher, archivist and artist, Elise Rigot is part of an interdisciplinary scientific project called Corallum Fabrica which aims to study coral organisms using 3D technologies. Elise Rigot has already worked with Guillaume Barbareau using additive manufacturing techniques to create sandstone sculptures. Thanks to the 3D ceramic printer designed by Oliver van Herpt and the ability to work within a ceramic workshop, Barbareau and Rigot have continued their research. Rigot has also worked with glassblowers Jean-Charles Miot and Laetitia Andrighetto to create glass structures that mimic and copy the particular geometry found in the skeletons and tissues of coral.


Elise Rigot
Elise Rigot is a designer, a phD candidate and a teacher at the University Toulouse – Jean Jaurès. Her thesis in design (LLA-CRÉATIS and LAAS-CNRS) deals with the f(r)ictions between design and nano-bio-technologies. She is the author of a podcast (FR) about design and bio-manufacturing technologies, Bio Is The New Black, in which she explores subjects of conversation at the frontier in between biology and design. She publishes in Science of design and Flusser Studies. She is the co-founder of a French association called design↔commun and is a member of the Passerelle association.


Jean-Charles Miot
Jean-Charles Miot, glassblower, was born in Le Mans in 1988. After training at Cerfav in Vannes-le-Chatel, where he met Laetitia Andrighetto; the couple participated in their first joint exhibition at the Strasbourg Glass Biennale. In 2012, they set up their own studio in Mont-de-Marsan before joining the Fondation d’entreprise Martell in 2017. Jean-Charles set up the glass blowing studio there, where he collaborates and supports artists in residence programs.

Guillaume Barbareau
Guillaume graduated in design from Esad Reims. His approach is articulated through a reflection on the territories facing the challenges of transitions. His practise consists in contributing to the creation and development of knowledge and tools enabling us to deepen our capacity for understanding and taking action in the face of social and environmental metamorphoses.
Part of his activity is dedicated to R&D on low techs and to the development of different mediation formats on territorial issues in the fields of energy and food. He is a member the Design↔commun association which brings together French design practitioners seeking to share ressources and tools that benefit the greatest number of people.