The Fondation aims to build up and make accessible resources that are centered around conceptual and practical knowledge of sustainable design.

Almanach Lab

The Almanach Lab was established following the exhibition Almanach, Designers’ Perspective on the Resources of the Charentes Region (June to December 2023). This manifest exhibition was the start of Fondation d’entreprise Martell’s new direction, which is a desire to work closely with the surrounding ecosystem.

This program offers the opportunity to research, experiment and/or prototype a project in a privileged space where people have time to think. The sharing of knowledge, the hybridization of expertise and materials, and the cross-over of skills, in close dialog with the region and its resources, are encouraged, in particular through local collaborations (artisans, companies, associations, collectives, institutions…). The Almanach Lab provides a framework for discussion and reflection on the profound challenges of design at a time of transition. It enables access to multi-disciplinary workshops (glass, ceramics, wood) on a 1,000 m² site.


The second floor of the Fondation is designed to become a bridge between design professionals and the general public. It will include a resource center specializing in art, design, and the environment, offering residents, visitors, and students access to quality information to nourish their thinking. The documentary fund will be regularly enriched and supplemented through invited speakers and meetings organized on site.