The workshops offered by the Fondation aim to promote learning and to make new creative approaches uniting design and ecology visible and accessible for all.


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INITIATION with Mathias Heinisch

 The Foundation is pleased to launch woodworking initiation workshops. Open to the public upon registration, these initiation sessions, designed by the cabinetmaker Mathias Heinisch, offer participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with traditional woodworking tools (planes, chisels, saws, etc.) with the aim of learning to create a stool with their own hands using reclaimed local wood (oak and cedar), through simple cutting and assembly, without screws or glue.

Workshop Objectives:

Discover the workshop and become familiar with the tools: planes, saws, rasps, etc…
Learn about the material and textures of wood
Initiate oneself to manual techniques to produce a stool


Safety Instructions:

  • Wear closed-toe flat shoes (safety shoe covers provided)
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Tie back hair

An apron, cut-resistant gloves, and noise-canceling headphones will be provided before the workshop
Participants will not use machines


Registration (for adults only): Register with Mathias Heinisch via email:
Cost per session: €90 (duration 6 hours), payable on-site by check or cash
Maximum of 4 people per session
Upcoming Sessions (from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM):
z8/05 is a bank holiday: no session

Mathias Heinisch has a background in cabinetmaking. He designs and creates custom fittings and furniture for individuals, professionals, or artists. He primarily works with local woods and whenever possible, reclaimed wood (oak, walnut, cedar, boxwood, maple, ash). He also previously worked in a luthier workshop where he crafted and restored guitars.

Workshops in partnership with Cassano, the Gallic oak.


Will resume in February 2024Mandatory booking


The Fondation d’entreprise Martell invites you to experience the art of glassblowing through their introductory workshop, the “Baptism of Fire.” Led by skilled glass craftsman, this initiation session offers participants the opportunity to create their first glass pieces using traditional glassblowing techniques.

Objectives of the workshop
– Discover the various tools used for glassblowing : ovens, cane, etc.
– Learn about glass techniques
– Shape and blow simple shapes and glass pieces with a cane

Safety Instructions
– Participants will be provided with safety overshoes to wear over flat, closed-toe shoes.
– We recommend wearing cotton clothes with a long-sleeved top
– Please tie long hair
– Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the session.

The cost of the workshop is €85 ( for 2 hours). Payment can be made directly to the craftsmen via SumUp, check, or cash.

Please note that registration is limited to three people per session and reserved for adults.