The Fondation explores the connections between art, the environment and society in order to encourage design projects that address sustainable solutions the challenges associated with the climate transition.


The ambition of the Fondation d’entreprise Martell is to develop and promote design projects that address the challenges of ecological transition.

It is a research and experimentation platform for designers, artists, and researchers, as well as a public venue for raising awareness and educating people about living things.

Its program of exhibitions, residencies, conferences, and workshops aims to give priority to supporting innovative design projects with a regenerative dimension. With the goal of enabling new ways to be paved towards a resilient and sustainable future, its projects encourage reflection on the local area and its resources, as well as the exploration of vernacular know-how and practices, in a dynamic of collective intelligence.


To achieve its mission and materialize its intentions, the Foundation relies on five action pillars:

  1. Encourage research through creation with design as a lever for transition
    In-situ transformation and rethinking the building to improve its uses
  2. Raise awareness among the public through an engaged program that includes different cycles and formats of exhibitions and events fostering exchange and sharing
  3. Networking and collaborating with homologous structures and partners
  4. Produce and transmit knowledge by sharing resources around accessible sustainable design practices.