Mathieu Perronno

Clément Lejeune

Jérémie Ballarin

26.01.2022 | 18H30


Hosted by Mathieu Perronno, Clément Lejeune et Jérémie Ballarin


Care Program

Its aim ? Take care of ourselves, take care of others and take care of the planet.
How? Through various cultural events that raise questions and / or offer solutions.


This is the subject of the next conference and to carry this theme, the foundation will receive Clément Lejeune, co-director of the Fimeb cultural structure, Jérémie Ballarin, co-founder of the Wanted Community and of RADO, a new cultural place in Bordeaux located in the Bassins à Flots district as well as the graffiti artist and artistic director of the Pédiluve art center, Mathieu Perronno, who developed urban art in Cognac.

The founders of RADO, an alternative cultural place, initially set up as a pop-up, plan to establish themselves permanently in 2022 and to offer cultural and solidarity experiences to develop social ties in the neighborhood. This will include a solidarity café-restaurant like the “Wanted Café” already opened by the Bordelais collective in the Capucins district. This hub aims to enable different people to come together, welcoming everyone without distinction, whether they have purchasing power or not. It also brings together actors from the cultural and artistic sector as well as educational and social partners who support training and integration.

Artistic installations by painters and visual artists in residence, exhibitions, a musical program combining emerging, electronic and urban music, concerts and also workshops have enlivened the place. The cultural and multidisciplinary program was carried out in association with Fimeb, “Factory of independent cultural projects”.

For Jérémie Ballarin “If culture is so central, it is because it allows us to federate, to create social ties”.

Our three speakers will explain their commitment to making art accessible to all, why they have created structures for this purpose and how art and culture are unifiers and generators of links between inhabitants of the same places.