15.12.2021 | 18H00


Presented by Chloé Wisser

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Sophrology is a psycho-corporal technique that acts both on the body and on the mind. Inspired by ancient Greek (sôs: harmonious; phren: the spirit; logos: science), “sophrology” means the study of the harmonization of consciousness. This is an exclusively verbal and non-tactile method. Accessible to all, it combines breathing, relaxation and visualization of positive images, in order to achieve a state of well-being and activate one’s whole potential.

Created in 1960 by Professor Alfonso Caycedo, neuropsychiatrist graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Madrid, sophrology is built on scientific bases. It is the result of many influences and is inspired by hypnosis as well as relaxation techniques and positive suggestion but also oriental techniques such as Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism or Japanese Zen.

CRUSINE (Raw Food)

Discovering raw food and its benefits is a bit like going back to the sources of our existence. No, it’s not all about green salads and diets! Even if this way of “eating” is synonymous with healthy eating, it is nonetheless tasty and leads to the discovery of many daily pleasures for our palate. The “crusine” also means a consumption that respects the environment and an awareness of the origin of the ingredients in our plate: seasonal products, preferably organic and local as much as possible. You will (re) learn to appreciate the natural and subtle flavors of plants in their integral form. It is in their natural raw state and freshness that sprouted seeds, fruits, vegetables and seaweed best retain all their energy potential and their richness in nutrients.

The different techniques of this diet (cuts, lactofermentation, dehydration, etc.) will be discussed, as well as a little theory on the functioning of the human body and the principles of a healthy lifestyle that allow the development of incredible vitality.

Care Program

Its aim ? Take care of ourselves, take care of others and take care of the planet.
How? Through various cultural events that raise questions and / or offer solutions.

Program – Wednesday December 15th, 2021 (from 6:00 p.m to 9.30 p.m):
6pm to 7pm : Sophrology (confortable clothes and shoes)
7pm to 9.30pm : Cuisine Workshop Raw Food Preparation and Tasting