Jean-Baptiste Clavé

Residence : September – December 2023

Jean-Baptiste Clavé will present the result of his project “Scrutinizing the embankment” Wednesday January 17, 2024 at 6.30 PM
R+1. Free entrance

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The Project

In residence at the Foundation since the summer of 2023, the designer Jean-Baptiste Clavé (DTER) has mapped industrial waste produced in Charentes, with the aim of identifying new perspectives for revaluing these materials through design in a territorial-scale circularity approach.

Indeed, material recyclability efficiency and carbon neutrality exist when financial, technical, and political means converge. By cataloging the lost materials from an expanded industrial area, DTER quantifies and questions the uses and needs of local stakeholders. The research conducted during the residence describes the territory, probes, and attempts to complete valorization chains to avoid landfilling. The straightforward method of characterizing deposits enables to simultaneously identify transformation, production, and valorization partners, favoring their long-term re-appropriation. DTER proposes to initiate and structure global design projects by developing a practical index of identified resources and creating synergies between project managers and designers, architects, industrialists, and project execution.

Jean-Baptiste Clavé

Jean-Baptiste Clavé is a designer, in charge of the Design & Territory program, which aims to enhance, through the creation of objects, industrial and artisanal waste and by-products in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.