Nathanaël Abeille

Residency 02/11/2022 to 10/12/2022
and from 04/04/2023 to 21/04/2023

The project : Reflexions

Nathanaël Abeille belongs to the generation of designers for whom materials and manufacturing processes can attempt to respond to issues and contribute to the transformation of everyday life. In fact, he works as a designer-researcher, in connection with the climate emergency of the moment.

During his residency at the Fondation with the glassmakers Jean-Charles Miot and Laetitia Andrighetto, he will continue his research on the links between design and solar energy. His project, called “Reflexions” is based on the creation of reflective devices that allow natural light to be reflected and sent from sunny areas to a facade located in the shade. At the Fondation, he will produce a new typology of glass objects, reflectors, that use solar energy for daytime lighting. He pays the same attention to the luminous efficiency of his installations as he does to their decorative impact.

The public is invited to meet the designer on April 20th, where he will present his approach to light and the results of his experimentation.


Born in Ardèche in 1986, Nathanaël is a French designer, graduated from ENSAD in 2011 and ENSADLab in 2014. After two years at Ateliers Jean Nouvel, he set up as a freelance. His work is particularly visible in Marseille, Haute-Savoie, Buenos Aires, and Paris. He lives in Frioul and works in Marseille and at ENSA Limoges.